The Adventure

After performing close to 200 shows per year, Annalee was moved to venture off in search of inspiration. Leaving Chicago in April in a 1988 Chevrolet Aerolite, she headed to the west coast with her dog Winton. She spent 3 months camping on side roads, beaches, jamming with street musicians and writing the content of 'Open Road'. She turned the RV into an art piece as a way to promote the album.


Annalee has recently reached her goal on the crowdfunding website "Kickstarter" 


She is working on recording and producing the album that is scheduled to release in late November. 

From there, Annalee plans to travel to Europe for the winter and promote the record. 

When she returns in Spring, she plans to take the record on an east coast tour in the vintage RV!

"This project is about more than a recording, it's about enabling the artist to continue to create freely, as an independent. I want to inspire others to do the same"-Annalee

Click the link to be redirected to the Kickstarter page  and find out more about 'Open Road'