Facet- /'fasət/ 

a particular aspect or feature of something.

With great anticipation, Annalee & The Midnight Sons' present their first collaborative album, Facets, a collection of material inspired by dreams and reality. It's been a long time coming. Annalee had composed most of the lyrics and melodies nearly a decade before the band was founded in 2012. When the musical conversation began, the material was laid bare and evolved into what you hear today.

Hayden Ashley (piano, organ, Fender Rhodes)

Nathan Mark (drums & percussion)

Connor Bernhard (trumpet & guitar) and

Will Garza (bass)

all spent countless hours, working and writing with Annalee to develop each song into something unique. Everyone has shared their heart on this album and they are proud to finally share it with you.

Photos by Ashley Dye'

Design by Annalee, Franklin Riley & Tom Sanderson

Produced and engineered by Josh Richter at Victorian Recording